I am no fan of the PAP, neither am I a fan of Presidential candidate who uses Presidency to mask their personal agenda, which I believe is a greater evil. To the PAP lovers, this blog post is appealing, but Tan Jee Say & SDP fans, you may feel offended and lambast me in the feedback column below, but we (and SDP) are advocating free speech here.

The position of President has always been ceremonial, a symbolic representation of the state. I agree with NSP’s earlier proposal that a Presidency candidate should have a 2 year break from any political- entity before they are eligible for Presidential candidacy.

Tan Jee Say’s real intentions are doubtful. This is Mr Tan Jee Say’s speech at SDP’s Singapore Day Party 2011.


I am not a fan of Youtubes, but Mr Tan has attached a transcript of the speech. I note this sentence with interest:

“The second reason for going after the Presidency is that the campaign will raise the profile of all non-PAP forces and this will help in our outreach to the people in the run-up to 2016.

Some points I wish to highlight:
(1)    If Mr Tan has resigned from SDP, shouldn’t he maintain his political neutrality? Why should he attend a SDP-sponsored National Day Dinner?

(2)    The red sentences sum up his intentions. Mr Tan is using the PE to boost the profile of oppositions for GE 2016. “Our”? Who are with him? What happened to the political neutrality?

Critics have argued Tony Tan, Tan Cheng Bock & Tan Kian Lian have ties to the PAP. But Tan Jee Say has displayed his hypocrisy, when he earlier commented he is “politically independent” from PAP, but ironically, he still has strong ties with SDP.

I believe Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang Yong Guan & Michelle Lee are SDP-misfits.  It will not come as a surprise that the trio will form a political entity in GE 2016. Characters of their caliber should not be in a political party which has no true political agenda & advocates street protests which brings down Singapore’s creditability.

In fact, I think Tan Jee Say’s partake in the Presidential Election is his way of a graceful exit from SDP.

Don’t get me started on Tony Tan. He is not a saint either. Everyone is aware of his favourism towards his son Patrick. I shall not regurgitate what was mentioned by other bloggers.

– Aloysius

P.S: Happy Birthday, Singapore!